About Corporate Health Exam
Corporate Health Exam (CHE) is comprised of professionals with over 20 years experience in the field of substance abuse screening.At Corporate Health Exams we are exclusively focused on keeping employees healthy and drug free.We accomlish this by providing comrehensive pre-placement drug screening, post-offer physical exams,breath alcohol tests and medical review services among others.
Corporate Health Exams is a company exclusively set to serve a variety of screening needs for Corporate America.
Our services include:
  • Post offer physical exams.
  • Pre placement, Return to duty and Random, post accident, follow up testing and reasonable suspicion drug screenings.
  • Medical review services.
  • Periodic and Wellness programs.
  • Substance abuse professional services (SAPS)
  • Data management with legally defensible records management.
  • In addition to medical screening we offer a variety of services such as social security verification, criminal data, motor vehicle check, education verification, professional credential verification, reference check, workers, compensation records and credit reports.

Corporate Health Exams is a limited liability company owned by individuals with over 20 years of experience in the field of substance abuse screening.In pursuant to the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1998,
-74 percent of adults who use illegal drugs are employed;
-Employees who use and abuse addictive illegal drugs and alcohol increase costs for businesses and risk the health and safety of all employees because-

  1. absenteeism is 66 percent higher among drug users than individuals who do not use drugs;
  2. health benefit utilization is 300 percent higher among drug users than individuals who do not use drugs;
  3. 47 percent of workplace accidents are drug-related;
  4. disciplinary actions are 90 percent higher among drug users than among individuals who do not use drugs; and
  5. employee turnover is significantly higher among drug users than among individuals who do not use drugs.

CHE will centralize and ease the workload of administering your pre preplacement physical exams and drug-testing program. Clients with a national presence would have increased expenses in setting up a network of physicians, laboratories and administrators. CHE ensures that your pre placement program is standardized to service your company as a unit whatever the size and location.

CHE has the overall responsibility of ensuring that all regulatory requirements of drug and alcohol testing are met as is mandated by laws governing substance abuse screening. As you are dealing with one provider, you can put to rest issues such as state regulations as they differ from state to state, billing and collection of data and information.

We have locations in all 50 states, we will schedule your employees at a facility most convenient to them and follow up to ensure the exams are performed as mandated by your company.

While we will provide your company with competitive pricing for Drug Screening and Physical Exams.CHE is commited to provide you the highest quality services and will continually meet your expectations.