MRO Services
The U.S Departments of Health, Transportation and Human Service, Fortune 500 corporations and many small companies require employee drug and alcohol testing.
U.S Federal law mandates that a physician (not affiliated with the testing laboratory) must make the final determination of whether a positive laboratory test represents substance abuse. MRO certification indicates a physician is well prepared to handle work place drug and alcohol problems and chemical dependency issues.
Positive Test: Responsibilities of the Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  1. Receive and review MRO copy of Chain of Custody form.

  2. Receive test results form lab.

  3. Review and interpret each confirmed positive test result.

  4. Notify employee of a confirmed positive result and provide an opportunity to discuss it.

  5. Review employee's medical history and medical records as appropriate.

  6. Verify laboratory report and assessment.

  7. Notify employer of Positive result.

  8. Process employee request for a re-test/split sample analysis when requested.

  9. Make a return-to-duty or decision to hire recommendation

  10. Store results and determinations for a minimum of 5years.

It is important to understand that the MRO is not merely re-stating a laboratory result to an employer!

The MRO makes their own determination as to whether a test is “positive” or “negative” based on information gathered as part of the MRO review process.