Drug and Alcohol Testing:

Drug/ Breath Alcohol Testing Negative D/S Results Are Typically Available Within 24 Hours. Our highly-trained staff will ensure that all testing is done in a timely manner. We understand the importance of getting fast, accurate results for you.

  • Testing Categories Drug Categories
  • M.R.O. (Medical Review Officer)
  • Services Pre-employment Amphetamines
  • Hair Samples
  • Work Related Injuries-Post Accident Barbiturates
  • Urine Collection
  • Periodic Medical Benzodiazepines
  • Blood Draw Return to Duty Cannabinoids (Marijuana)
  • Alcohol Blood/Urine Random Cocaine Metabolite Addictive/Abusive/Recreational Reasonable Suspicion Methaqualone
  • NIDA-5 (National Institute on Drug Abuse) D.O.T.
  • Recovery Monitoring
  • Opiates
  • D.O.T. Drug Testing/Medical Examiner Certificates
  • Phencyclidine
  • Qualified NIDA Collection "Dry Room" Alcohol
  • Utilization of NIDA Certified Labs etc.
  • Chain of Custody Procedures
  • GC/MS Confirmation
  • Blind Performance Testing
  • Federal Regulation Conformance
  • E.A.P. (Employee Assistance Program) Referrals
  • Urine Specimen Collection Site
  • Drug Free Workplace
  • Drug Authorizations
  • Sample Policies
  • Legal Referrals
  • Scientific Methodology Procedures of Highest Quality
  • Expert Testimony,

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CHE offers both off site and on site drug and alcohol screening. All off site testing is conducted at Quest Diagnostics   to provide a national network of collection sites convenient to your company's location. In addition, we can offer on site testing. An office visit fee applies for this service.